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Deze pagina is incompleet. Je kan helpen door deze uit te breiden. This page is meant to offer an overview of the available information sources for Ph.D. students at the University of Twente.


Being a Ph.D. student at the UT

Ph.D. Courses

Ph.D. Representation Organisations

Ph.D. Reading Clubs

  • JONG (BBT): reading and discussing texts in the domain of Governance Studies
  • Leesclub (BBT-FWT): reading and discussing texts in the domain of Science and Technology Studies

Ph.D./Post-Doc Vacancies

Ph.D. How-To Literature

  • Philips, E. M., & Pugh, D. S. (1987). How to get a Ph.D.:A handbook for students and their supervisors. Ballmoor: Open University Press.
  • Lelieveldt, H. (2002). Promoveren: Een wegwijzer voor de beginnend wetenschapper. Amsterdam: Aksant.
  • Azuma, Ronald T. (1997, 2003). So long, and thanks for the Ph.D.! Online version
  • Levine, Joseph S. (2005). Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation. Online version
  • DesJardins, Marie (1994). How to Be a Good Graduate Student. Online version
  • Agre, Phil (1993, 2002). Networking on the Network: A Guide to Professional Skills for PhD Students. Online version
  • Pratt, Wanda (1994). Graduate School Survival Guide. Online version

Online resources on Ph.D. related information

Finding housing accomodation in Twente Region

  • Student Union, specifically targetted at the Universiteit of Twente (free service!)
  • Tubantia/Twentsche Courant. Placing an ad in this local newspaper stating that you're looking for accomodation will always result in reactions.
  • Kleintjesmarkt This is the website where your ad will appear when you place one in Tubantia/Twentsche Courant. Placing an add will cost you approximately 10-15 euros. Ofcourse you can also look here if a room/house/appartment is available, but unfortunately it is not really possible to look specifically for a room in the restricted area of Enschede/Hengelo, but only for the whole Overijssel province.
  • Kamernet. You will have to register and pay if you want to use this service. More targetted towards students looking for a group house and not specifically useful for Ph.D. student (most houses will probably think you are too old anyway).
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